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Maura Petersen practices exclusively in the areas of immigration and citizenship law and handles cases from all 50 states and around the world. She has extensive expertise in family-based visas, including Consular immigrant visas, Adjustment of Status cases, K-1 fiance visas and K-3 spousal non-immigrant visas. She has successfully obtained waivers of inadmissibility for hundreds of clients in the Consular and Adjustment of Status contexts. In addition, her expertise includes O-1, P-1, and R-1 visas. She has also prepared numerous successful EB-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability immigrant petitions, in the categories of art, music, science and business.

Temporary Visas

These are non-immigrant visa classifications covering a broad range of visas used to enter the United States for work, pleasure or designated activities.

Non-immigrant visas may allow temporary stays in the United States for periods of several days to several years, depending upon the purpose of the visa.

Lawful Permanent Residency

Lawful permanent residency (the "green card") offers individuals a variety of benefits, including the freedom to live and work permanently in the United States and to petition for the immigration of certain family members.

U.S. Citizenship

U.S. Citizenship may be obtained once a lawful permanent resident (LPR) has had such status for five years, provided s/he meets certain residency/character requirements and is able to pass an English and Civics examination. If a LPR is married to and living with a U.S. Citizen spouse, s/he may be able to apply for U.S. Citizenship after three years of attaining LPR status. Certain LPRs may take the Citizenship examination in their native language. U.S. Citizenship offers a multitude of benefits including the right to vote, petition to immigrate certain family members, and live permanently in the United States.

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